Key Health Benefits of Homemade Kefir Drink

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Published: 19th November 2010
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Kefir drink is a fermented or cultured drink made from ingredients such as water, honey, milk, coconut water, rice and even fruit juices. The drink contains a lot of bacteria which has very useful purposes in a human body. There are hundreds of health benefits from drinking kefir drink and only a few of them are actually known. Find out which are the main health benefits of drinking kefir in this article. See a sample of the Caucasus kefir grains: Click Here

Kefir Drink: Main Health Benefits- Fact 1

All bacteria are not harmful. Infact, the lack of some bacteria in the intestines will make you get a loose stool. Kefir drink contains such useful bacteria which help your digestive system in maintaining the right environment and enhances digestion of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and lactose.

Kefir drink has been used as a traditional food for ages since the people had realized it was useful. The Caucasus people used kefir as a staple food and they had increased longevity due to the health benefits of kefir. It is thought that their lifelong use of kefir drink had contributed to their increased lifespan.

Kefir Drink: Main Health Benefits- Fact 2

Kefir has many health benefits including reducing the body cholesterol level and lowering the blood pressure. People who have blood pressure problems can control and manage their health problems using kefir drink. This is a very good health benefit of kefir drink to help people with life threatening ailments overcome them.

Some other health benefits of kefir drink is that it helps in fighting off cancer cells even before they start to develop. The bacteria in kefir drink removes the interferon contained in cells which is responsible for the onset of cancer.

Kefir Drink: Main Health Benefits- Fact 3

The key health benefits of kefir drink also include fighting off viral infections of cells in a case where the immune is compromised. The kefir drink boosts the immunity towards fighting off diseases. This is an important function for people that are suffering from opportunistic diseases or AIDS.

Kefir drink also helps in reducing swelling in case of an injury. The kefir drink health benefits include the ability to work as an anti-inflammatory. This helps people that have had accidents to heal their wounds much faster and avoid accumulation of pus around the injured area.

Kefir Drink: Main Health Benefits- Fact 4

These are the main health benefits of kefir drink although there are hundreds of others that are yet to be discovered. Kefir drink also helps to regain the normal intestinal flora so that digestion is not interfered with. You can actually make kefir drink at home by getting a starter pack and video course online

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