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Published: 30th October 2008
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Can you really get streaming TV on PC and reviews for your Computer Online? Do these satellites tv streaming to pc packages really work or are they are pile-o-poo. There are actually thousands of bad and poor quality pc TV packages online. In the same instance you can also get some very good packages but these are few and far in between. To know a good pc tv to stream tv feeds on pc, you will need to read a review of the most used packages.

streaming TV on PC requirements are very basic and most computers are already set to air tv online. The computer will need to be a Pentium 4 or higher. Most computer processors that run pc tv online have speeds of above 300Mhz, virtual memory of more than 500mb. The internet connection for satellite tv on computer should be reliable and possibly above 128kb down speeds. You can get good tv streaming online with a DSL or a broadband connection. A 256kb connection will allow you to watch internet television without waiting for it to go through buffering.

TV streaming online to pc softwares are usually compatible with most of the recent Windows operating softwares. The most suitable windows OS include the WIN 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. Most tv for pc packages are also well adaptable to mac and apple operating softwares and can even be downloaded into IPods. If you want more control on audio and video, you can download a free and latest copy of windows media player which interacts well with these packages.

The best online tv streaming softwares have an easy installation process which allows you to access and watch web tv within 3 minutes. If you find a package that takes too long to download, it may mean that it also includes malware and adware and are generally larger files. Once you join a pc tv website membership, they direct you to an instant download page where you download the package from the internet and install it in your system just like you would any other software.

Most television streaming packages online have a huge selection of channels collected from around the world. The best packages combine more than 3000 channels which are assembled from over 50 countries and broadcast in over 70 languages. This means that it would be very hard not to find several tv stations that broadcast from your own country and in the language you are comfortable with. There are however more English channels from North America as well.

There are some softwares that are offered for free of charge with every membership to the website. These memberships usually last for a lifetime and come with free support, over 1000 free web radio stations, yearly free upgrades, additional tv channels among other benefits.

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