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Published: 02nd February 2010
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Imagine getting to watch 3000+ directtv channels from the comfort of your computer at home or at work. You can be able to watch all the live and free channels on your computer or even decide to hook up your TV to the internet TV channels. This is possible with the use of a special software called the satellite direct TV package. This software is easy to find online and download in less than 3 minutes at whatever time of day or night. Learn how you can get to watch hundreds of direct TV channels from the internet without even having a dish.

The satellite direct TV software has a very easy download process where you get the package in less than 3 minutes flat. Many of the other softwares available on the internet take anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes to download which is because they contain other unwanted files like adware and malware that can really slow down your computer. Satellite direct TV is the only software that I have found that only contains the files that you need for pc TV and nothing else.

The software is also a very easy to handle package. It automatically saves an icon on the desktop which you can click whenever you want to open the software to watch internet TV again. This icon opens a very well arranged pc TV toolbar that contains a very neat and attractive interface for pc TV. You will get the channels arranged according to their country of origin and then according to the categories of their programming. It is therefore very easy to find a channels that you want to watch.

The directv software is also very cheap as compared to installing other means of watching TV on the internet. The satellite direct TV software is able to save you over $700 per year in cable television service bills and fees. To watch online television for free, you only need to join a simple lifetime membership for a one time only fee of less than $50. This is all the money you pay since the online TV companies don't require you to pay any monthly bills and fees.

Watching direct TV from the internet using this software also offers you a very mobile way to watch your favorite TV channels even when you have travelled away from your home. People usually download a copy of the pc TV software in their laptops and use them to watch hundreds of their local TV channels even while away from their own countries. This is a nice way to make sure that you don't miss your own local news, sports, and shows even while you are travelling away for holiday or work.

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