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Published: 15th April 2009
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Kefir Grains are cauliflower shaped particles that are collected from a fermented rice, coconut, cow milk, and water or sugar solution. Kefir is also known as Kefirs, Kefyr, Kefīrs, Keefir, Kephir, Kewra, Talai, Mudu Kekiya, MilkKefir, Búlgaros, kyphir, kifir , kifer, kefer, kerfir, quefir and many other variations around the world.

Kefir is a compound containing bacillus bacteria which has been made into a Kefir culture and collected as seed for future fermentation of any of the usable solutions.

Health Benefits of Kefir Grains- What Can You Treat With a Body Ecology Diet Kefir

Kefir diet is a traditional staple that has been used in many places around the world for ages. This fact has lead to different recipes and varieties of Kefir ranging from the Kombucha tea diet to the coconut Kefir diet. The Caucasus and Germany Kefir traditional diet however, seems to be the most popular and is still imported across the world. This is an example of a company that has imported Kefir Grains for a 10 years and they also send you a video course on how to make Kefir Grains yourself.

Kefir Grains and drinks have been used to treat Candida, neck pain, back pain, for internal cleansing and Detox, removal of parasites, and intestinal problems. Kefir also helps in breaking down of lactose in milk and is therefore taken together with cow milk to reduce effects of lactose intolerance. It is also shown that Kefir Grains diet also assists in reducing blood pressure and is also seen to lower the levels of cholesterol in the human and rat serum.

Where Can I Get Kefir Grains for Sale -Where to Buy Kefir Grains Online

You can decide to get imported Kefir Grains from Germany and the Caucasus and the people there will send it over to you in a matter of days. You can then use it to make more fermented solutions and collect your own Kefir Grains too. There are some websites that will even send you video clips on how to make Kefir Grains from home and you would not need to import the grains ever again.

How to Make Cow or Goat Milk, Rice, Coconut, Water and Sugar Kefir Culture At Home

To make Kefir, you need to have a water, sugar, milk, rice or coconut base liquid. You will add some yeast or bacteria compound to start the fermentation process. Leave the mixture overnight to ferment and check in the morning.

1 night fermentation will make some Kefir Grains that you can use for further fermenting or make bacteria concentrate to cure Candida, back pain, neck pain or to Detox. Longer hours of fermentation will result to Kefir Grains with more concentration of bacteria and lactic acid which is good for cholesterol removal and lowering blood pressure.

I recommend this guy who ships German and Caucasus Kefir Grains around the world and also includes a video course on how to make Caucasus, don, dom's, el Kefir online: Imported Caucasus Kefir Grains From Germany

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